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From "Mattmann, Chris A (388J)" <>
Subject Re: IRC channel registered: #mesos on Freenode
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 19:29:09 GMT
Hi Adam,

On 3/4/13 11:24 AM, "Adam Monsen" <> wrote:

>The timezone issue is a bummer, but c'est la vie. On Mifos (another
>project I spent lots of time on and just yell at me if I bring it up
>too often), we were generally able to find a few hours of overlap,
>even for very disparate timezones. And I didn't mind popping on late
>at night for a few minutes to check any messages I missed and reply,
>say hi, etc.
>Here's what we use for decision-making, by the way:
>Similar to ASF except we defaulted to a 24-hour window instead of
>72 hours.

Cool I've seen that one before but wasn't really familiar with it.

>I find IRC quite handy for quick questions, brainstorming, and idle
>chatter. When I approach a new FLOSS project, I generally check to
>see how many participants they have on their IRC channel. I also
>lurk for a while and ask questions if I have any.

+1, good practice.

>Full disclosure: I was recently interviewing at Twitter, and one of
>the things they asked me to provide was plans for improving the
>Mesos community. One of my suggestions was creating an IRC channel
>because I feel it greatly adds to the approachability of a FLOSS


For full disclosure as well, Apache Mesos (Incubating) is not a Twitter
It's a project at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). I work for NASA
JPL and
am trying to mentor it. So while I applaud Twitter's suggestion during
your interview, 
and you for interviewing, etc., improving the Mesos community happens here
at the ASF, 
and hopefully firstly, by communication, stewardship and decisions on
these mailing lists.

One of the things Mesos will likely want to do during or before graduation
is demonstrate
diversity so as to guard against the dominion, and/or potential loss of
contributors from, 
a single organization. That encourages sustainability, and other
properties that ASF
projects are well known for.


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