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From "Mattmann, Chris A (388J)" <>
Subject Re: move mesos/mesos wiki pages on github into svn (was: documentation experiment: The Mesos Book)
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 15:45:12 GMT
Hi Adam,

My honest observation here is that this is way too much work for
documentation :)

How about just starting small, doing things incrementally, etc.?

I think it will make the onus on the existing PPMC a ton easier --
remember the goal here is
to do things in small, easily reversible steps (at least that will garner
the most 
positivity along the way I believe).


On 2/27/13 4:33 PM, "Adam Monsen" <> wrote:

>On 02/27/2013 09:37 AM, Benjamin Hindman wrote:
>> IMHO having your documentation editable and living in a repository is
>> much more manageable than via an external wiki.
>Totally. I'm with you.
>> If the project wasn't mirrored at
>> <> then I'd suggest changing the format of
>> the documentation, but since we should just be able to point people to
>> the documentation nicely rendered in github, it seems like a
>> straightforward first step.
>Ah, right, the mirror! Good call.
>So, let's do this. Here's what I'm thinking:
>1. migrate all pages from into SVN
>2. move anything wiki-like to a new wiki
>3. standardize on one markup language
>For #1, it would be nice to preserve history (who did what and when) for
>posterity. This is a little tricky with SVN though, see below.
>I suggest doing #1 and #2 in two different steps, also for posterity.
>For #3, Either seems fine. If you don't have a preference I'll default
>to Markdown since I've used it more.
>I asked Andy K. to reassign MESOS-69 to me... it seems close enough.
>I made some changes and went to post them to Review Board, but I ran
>into a few difficulties. First off, I didn't see a "mesos" repository,
>just a "mesos-git" repository. Is that the one I should choose?
>Because I want to preserve history, my "diff" is actually every commit
>performed on (that wiki is backed by
>a standard git repository). That's 708 commits. These apply cleanly to
>trunk. The pages were in the top-level dir of the Mesos source tree, so
>I did one additional patch to move all the wiki pages into the doc/
>Here are the patches. They can be applied to trunk (git) using
>`git am *.patch`. They can be applied to trunk (svn) using
>`for i in *.patch; do patch -p1 < $i; done`.
>(SHA-1: f0b2e9c655237f0dd9cf83daaec8f62771bad892 )
>If that just won't work, here's a single patch created with
>`svn diff` (after doing the for loop, above). Note that if you use
>this one you'll have to manually add the two images from the old
>github wiki.
>(SHA-1: a5752c2b941e79d773b2e931cfcd73ac85fa7450 )
>I'm in the IRC channel, so if it would be easier to chat this up in
>there, stop on in. If I'm away I'll get my messages when I return.
>Let's talk about #2 and #3 after we finish #1.

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