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From "Mattmann, Chris A (388J)" <>
Subject Re: documentation experiment: The Mesos Book
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2013 05:35:52 GMT
Ben, great job pointing this out to Adam.


On 2/26/13 2:18 PM, "Benjamin Hindman" <> wrote:

>Hey Adam!
>I love the enthusiasm on improving Mesos documentation! That being said,
>it's probably a bit too early for a book. ;)
>I think it would be great to create a documentation ticket on JIRA so we
>can figure out exactly what documentation we want to start creating. IMHO,
>a great first step would be to get the old documentation that still lives
>at into the repository (you can submit
>reviews for that). After that we can start editing the documentation
>together to get it up to date. I'm not opposed to continuing to use Github
>markdown for this (for now), since we can still point people to
> or something similar in order to
>"render" the documentation correctly. That being said, I'd prefer that all
>of our actual work is done within the Apache infrastructure (JIRA, Review
>Board, etc) to keep things consistent. Seems like we could always port the
>documentation over to something else in the future if Apache provides
>wiki options (note: I know that Confluence wiki exists, but I'm not sure
>we'd want to go down that route).
>I look forward to any patches that come our way!
>On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 5:03 PM, Adam Monsen <> wrote:
>> I've heard several folks mention the need to improve documentation for
>> Mesos. I kicked off a little experimental book. There's almost zero
>> content so far (and what exists is cut-and-pasted from existing public
>> docs), I'm just looking for feedback on my approach. Check it out!
>> Thoughts?
>> The idea would be to port all existing stable documentation into this
>> book.  It would become the most complete and best reference for Mesos
>> users (perhaps developers, too). Other documentation sources would still
>> exist such as in-the-code API docs and fluid/collaborative docs (wiki
>> pages).
>> I went with Pandoc Markdown because I read and enjoyed The Little
>> MongoDB Book by Karl Seguin
>> ( ,
>> ). I've also read
>> quite a bit of Scott Chacon's awesome book Pro Git ( ,
>> ), which is similarly written in
>> Markdown and processed into other beautiful formats using software

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