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From Adam Monsen <>
Subject Re: how to use post-review
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 00:40:45 GMT
Ben wrote:
> I don't know that I did anything spectacular to set it up. Note that I'm
> using git, not svn.

Ah, ok! With your .reviewboardrc and a git config change, I got
post-review working on my box. I had to change my remote called
"origin" to be git://

Originally I had cloned git:// (so that was
"origin"), but when I tried post-review on my clone I got:

-- 8< --
There was an error creating this review request.

The repository path "git://" is not in the
list of known repositories on the server.

Ask the administrator to add this repository to the Review Board server.
For information on adding repositories, please read
-- >8 --

No longer. Sweet.

post-reviews is handy too, thanks! Took me a few minutes to figure out
I had to create a topic branch off trunk with my work and run
post-reviews in there, but after that it worked like a charm.

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