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From Benjamin Mahler <>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: send notifications to separate mailing list
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 20:46:45 GMT
mesos-dev is the development mailing list, I personally find the
review board notifications
to be a core part of the development discussion. On the email you link
I the important bit
is the update:


Isolation modules also properly cleanup executors now!

Reviewboard notifications are a core part of the development, so I
think they belong
in the development mailing list.

Unfortunately, we've seen a history of people using mesos-dev instead
of mesos-users
because that's where all the action happens. I think that's the
fundamental problem and
we'll need to reverse that trend.

On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Adam Monsen <> wrote:
> On 02/28/2013 10:57 AM, Benjamin Hindman wrote:
>> I'm not opposed to the idea, but we do A LOT of communication via JIRA and
>> Review Board, and my fear is that relegating these automatically generated
>> emails to a separate list will cause people to miss the
>> *actual*conversation that's going on. I don't like the idea of having
>> the
>> conversation in too many places, e.g., on the mailing list, and on Review
>> Board, and on JIRA!
> Yes, agreed. Fewer sources of truth/activity are better!
> Here's some constructive criticism.
> I've been trying to follow development conversations in JIRA and Review
> Board, and I'm finding the mailing list useless for this purpose. I end
> up just using the mailing list, JIRA, and Review Board separately anyway.
> For example: I can easily see what's going on in a Review Board review
> or a JIRA issue because of the handy UI. Here's a review with lots of
> activity: . Looks great there. I can
> pick out the chronology, participants, and see the commented diffs!
> That's a pretty cool tool.
> A notification from review 9408 on the mailing list is much less
> helpful. Here's one of the actions out of context:
> . That email by itself adds little except an
> audit trail. It crowds out (IMHO) more important emails. I wouldn't
> reply directly to it. I really have to go back to Review Board to do
> anything useful with that notification.
> Maybe the problem is just that I'm trying to browse the archives, and
> mod_mbox is not my favorite mailing list archive browser. I'll try email
> filtering before any more whinging.
> If you're still feeling thumbs-down after reading the above, I'll
> probably withdraw my proposal. This may just be me getting used to Mesos
> development/communication.
> I also found ... Andrew maybe got put off by
> the notification emails too. Again, might just be an issue for new Mesos
> contributors.

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