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From Adam Monsen <>
Subject introduction: Adam Monsen
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2013 23:15:10 GMT

I'm the ultimate newcomer in here. I'm new to both Mesos and cluster
computing. I'm interested in learning more about both and possibly

I'm not going to be much help coding. I've done very little C++ and I
don't have a strong classical CS/math background. Not that I couldn't
learn, it just probably isn't in the cards for me right now. But there
are many other ways I can help.

I'll start with a few questions.

* Anyone have a pointer to a decent "hello world" for Mesos and/or
cluster computing?

* Are there any folks local to Seattle using (or, better yet,
customizing) Mesos? (if so, I'd like to meet)

* What are some of the near-term and far-term goals for Mesos? (for
instance, I've seen mention of graduating from the Apache incubator)

* Looks like the authoritative source code repository is . Is anyone using
git-svn locally? (just curious)

* Is there an IRC channel or other chatroom that Mesos developers frequent?

* Is there an extant list of bite-size Mesos [volunteer] tasks?


Adam Monsen

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