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From Matei Zaharia <>
Subject Re: Having problems with the EC2 Python scripts
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 22:48:32 GMT
Ugh, that's pretty evil. I guess we'll have to look into this but I don't know off the top
of my head.


On Apr 17, 2012, at 9:23 PM, Richard Xia wrote:

> Hi Matei,
> You're right, I do have boto installed and the Mesos scripts are picking that version
up instead of the packaged ones. Apparently the Python convention is to search for modules
in PYTHONPATH *after* searching in site-packages, so even though the Mesos-packaged boto is
included in PYTHONPATH, my boto installation is loaded first. I'm not that experienced with
Python load paths, so is there an easy way to fix this without uninstalling boto?
> Thanks,
> Richard
> On 4/17/12 8:17 AM, Matei Zaharia wrote:
>> Hi Richard,
>> Do you have boto (the EC2 library for Python) installed on your machine through easy_install
by any chance? It sounds like your Python is finding a different version of it than the one
we ship with Mesos, because I run these scripts very often and I certainly never get the
vs thing.
>> For the initial timeout, I agree that we should make it longer. You can also use
launch --resume to resume installation on a cluster where launch failed for this reason by
the way.
>> Matei
>> On Apr 16, 2012, at 11:48 AM, Richard Xia wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm trying to go through the guide here (
and I'm running into a couple problems. I'm running the latest version of the trunk (r1310658)
on Mac OS X 10.6 with the default Python (2.6).
>>> The first problem that I run into is with the launch script. The default wait
time of 60 seconds doesn't seem to be enough; I would consistently run into the error of the
ssh connection being refused. When I set the wait time to 120 seconds (just to be safe, I'm
sure a smaller value would work as well), it worked and would run to completion. I was just
using the default settings suggested by the guide (1 slave, m1.large instance) and it took
me a while to realize that the script just wasn't waiting long enough for the instances to
start up. Is this the expected behavior? If it is, I think the guide needs to be updated to
mention that the default wait time may not be long enough.
>>> The second problem I am having is with any of the scripts that target an existing
cluster. For example, if I try running ./mesos-ec2 stop<cluster-name>, I get the error
message "ERROR: Could not find any existing cluster". When debugging the script, I found that
get_existing_cluster() wasn't working properly. On line 309, when it sets the variable group_names,
it calls where g is a security group. The following lines seem to check whether the security
group name matches "<cluster-name>-master", "-slaves", or "-zoo". However, when running
a debugger, I find that the security group's id is actually in the form " sg-6561c10d", not
"<cluster-name>-slaves". Instead, it seems to me that line 309 should be group_names
= [ for g in res.groups]. When I make this change myself, it seems to work.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Richard Xia

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