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From goran kent <>
Subject [lucy-user] Index state during merges
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 15:23:13 GMT

If the following is true, then it will simplify my efforts:

during a merge of indexes to a $target, and an error occurs -- for
whatever reason (typically because of a broken source index) --  is
the $target buggered or still in a safe state?

I'm jumping through hoops preserving the sanity of target indexes
(which involves a cp of $target to a temp, merge subindexes to temp,
if success then mv temp to target).  I'm doing all this cp/mv'ing
because of past experiences when trying to handle errors during

If I could perform merging on a single target (a target which is also
actively being searched on, btw, which is another reason I need to
simplify this process and get rid of the intermediate step of a $temp
target), and know that if an error occurs the target will always be
sane, it would help tremendously.

Put another way:

foreach $subindex  {  $bigindex->add_index($subindex); }

if one of those subindexes is broken, will it break the entire
bigindex?  or does Lucy work on temp files and if an error occurs the
bigindex is not harmed (ie, any changes are rolled back)?  I know I
could test this theory, I just haven't had the time and would like to
draw on MH's knowledge.


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