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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] [VOTE] Apache Lucy (incubating) 0.2.2 RC 1 (cleanup)
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2011 19:43:54 GMT
Hi Moritz, thanks for reviewing the release candidate and reporting your

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 08:26:15PM +0200, Moritz Lenz wrote:
> FWIW all tests pass on Debian GNU/Linux stable with a custom perl
> 5.14.1, same with the system perl (5.10.1).


> However I had to wipe out the directory between the two tests, because
> the build and configuration left some files behind which ./Build clean
> in the perl/ subdirectory did not clean, and which caused some @INC
> paths to be set up wrongly.

I believe that this patch to the 0.2 branch would produce your desired

--- perl/buildlib/Lucy/ (revision 1187752)
+++ perl/buildlib/Lucy/ (working copy)
@@ -716,8 +716,8 @@
 sub ACTION_clean {
     my $self = shift;
     if ( -e $CLOWNFISH_BUILD ) {
-        system("$^X $CLOWNFISH_BUILD clean")
-            and die "Clownfish clean failed";
+        system("$^X $CLOWNFISH_BUILD realclean")
+            and die "Clownfish realclean failed";
     $self->_run_make( dir => $CHARMONIZER_ORIG_DIR, args => ['clean'] );

I'm not sure that's technically "correct", because I think you are supposed to
supposed to invoke './Build realclean' rather than './Build clean' when
switching Perl executables.  However, it seems that './Build clean' works
under ordinary circumstances whether or not it ought to, and so +1 to make it
work for Lucy.

Can you please open a ticket?

Marvin Humphrey

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