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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [lucy-dev] [DISCUSS] Lucy=>Graduation?
Date Sun, 21 Aug 2011 18:33:28 GMT

: > How about we revisit the issue of graduation after a Release Manager other
: > than Mattmann or myself shepherds through an 0.3.0 release which resolves all
: > our remaining licensing issues?

I've not been involved in many incubator projects, but as I understand it: 
one rule of thumb is that a project is ready to graduate when the PPMC 
starts to feel like dealing with the IPMC is just slowing them down, and 
the IPMC stops finding things to worry about and feels like the reports 
from the PPMC are just distracting them from other projects that have 

I suspect that once the PPMC feels confortable with all the licensing 
issues #1 is likely taken care of.  Based on how smoothly the last few 
reports/releases have happend, i think #2 is probably already done.

The only other important question i would wonder about for graduation is 
community building.  The Lucy community still seems kind of small, so 
there is a question to consider of wether being under the incubator is 
(still) helping with the visibility of the project to grow the community, 
or if near term community growth would be greater if Lucy graduated to a 

: For completeness, I'd nominate Marvin as the VP of the project and include 
: the current IPMC mentors, and PPMC members on Lucy's initial PMC.

FYI: Although I've enjoyed being a mentor/champion for Lucy, I don't 
really consider myself a Lucy dev or even a user, so I would decline 
membership on the initial Lucy PMC as part of the graduation.

Assuming Marvin is ok with being VP, i think that's fine for graduation; 
but given the significant role Marvin has played historicaly, it would 
probably be a good idea to plan on switching the Chair to someone else 
after no more then a year -- not because of the Chair's 
roles/responsibility to the project are so critical, but because giving 
the job to someone else in the Lucy community helps them learn more about 
the higher levels of the ASF process; like dealing with the board, etc....

Speaking of switching the chair: even if graduation is a month or two off, 
now is a good time to start thinking about the specifics of the "Lucy 
Charter" to put forth as part of the graduation resolution to the board 
and any "Lucy Bylaws" that the project wnats to have as a TLP.

It seems like 99% of projects just cut/paste the resolution template, and 
99% of projects don't ever write any project bylaws -- and that's "ok" -- 
but if Lucy wants to spell out some rules of how the project shall be run 
(like "The Lucy PMC SHALL hold a vote for the Lucy Chair once a year" or 
"All contributers who are voted to be Lucy committers SHALL be offered 
membership on the Lucy PMC", etc...) now may be a good time to talk about 


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