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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject [lucy-dev] 0.1.1 portability bugfixes
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 02:51:14 GMT

I've been working on portability bugfixes for 0.1.1, using the smoke testing
data from a week's worth of CPAN Testers results:

At this point, I think I've exploited all the data and can't do more without
contacting individual testers and asking them to do debugging.  There are two
failures that haven't yet been dealt with:

On Solaris 2.10 / Perl 5.14.0, 511-sort_spec.t fails.

Looks like a bus error.  It's hard to know what's going wrong without Valgrind
output or similar.  There are no other systems with this test fingerprint.
Maybe Solaris doesn't like some of the sub-byte array stuff in NumberUtils.cfh
which is used by SortCollector -- earlier versions of Solaris were finicky
about memory alignment in a way other operating systems were not.

On OS X Tiger / Perl 5.10.0, we have a compilation error due to invalid
compiler flags:

I think this is a misconfigured test box, since those compiler flags came from
the Perl config itself.  If -mmmx baffles the compiler now, it should have
baffled the compiler when it was compiling Perl.

I believe that all other failing test reports have been addressed, though of
course I can't verify the fixes or determine whether there are other failures
that were being masked. 

All the fixes have been committed to trunk, but should be backported to the 
0.1 branch.  If no one objects in the next day or so, I'll make the following

marvin@smokey:~/projects/lucy-0.1.x $ svn diff 
--- CHANGES (revision 1134956)
+++ CHANGES (working copy)
@@ -1,5 +1,24 @@
 Revision history for Lucy
+0.1.1  XXXX-XX-XX
+  Bugfixes:
+    * Bad prototype for MAKE_MESS when no variadic macros available.
+    * XSLoader version string mismatch.
+    * Double-quote all #error directives.
+    * TestFSFileHandle's Close() test on Windows fails to clean up.
+    * Address GCC warnings for Charmonizer code
+    * Add -pthread linker flag on OpenBSD
+    * Disable LockFreeRegistry test by default.
 0.1.0  2011-05-20

   Initial release, adapted from a software grant for the KinoSearch codebase.

After that, the only thing on my list for 0.1.1 is writing a script which will
autogenerate commands for the RM so that following the ReleaseGuide wiki
recipe will be easier.

Marvin Humphrey

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