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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject [lucy-dev] RAT, Buildbot
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 06:13:53 GMT

Gavin MacDonald of the Apache Infrastructure team has set us up with a
Buildbot instance which automatically generates RAT reports each time we
commit to Lucy trunk and posts the results on the web.

> (updated hourly at :28)
> (updated hourly at :30)
> (triggered per commit,
> source for html build)
> (shows builds, triggered per
> commit)
All we have to maintain is a list of files to be excluded from the report
because they should not have AL2.0 headers:

This is much better than the build target that we had planned to create.

  * Buildbot regenerates the report with each commit.
  * A local copy of RAT is not required in order to see a report.
  * We don't have to write or maintain the build target.
  * The RAT command line interface had some limitations and was going to
    require a patch.

I've now marked this TODO item on our release checklist as done:

  DONE - Establish a "rat" build target so that we can demonstrate to any
  interested Incubator PMC member that we have accounted for the licensing of
  all files. (Otherwise RAT will flag our sample US constitution files, the
  Snowball C files, etc.) 

Gavin has let us know that we can use Buildbot for other items as well when we
are ready, such as autogenerating documentation:

> see also:
> and 
> for more info on what the ASF Buildbot can do for you.

The full thread on rat-dev@incubator.a.o is here:


Marvin Humphrey

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