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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Bootstrap Lucy Incubator podling
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2010 17:04:39 GMT

Transitioning to the Incubator will be a multi-step process.

  Phase 1: Bootstrap the new Lucy Incubator podling.
  Phase 2: Proceed with an orderly shutdown of the existing Lucy subproject.
  Phase 3: Deprecate KinoSearch and migrate (later, after Lucy release).

This thread will be concerned with phase 1.  Documentation exists in multiple

Some tasks do not require immediate action:

  * Lucy JIRA stays as is.
  * Lucy wiki stays as is.
  * The code dump and the IP clearance should wait for now.

Some tasks, I can do:

  * Add to reporting schedule. (DONE)
  * Request mailing list transitions.
  * Contact mailing-list archival services (Markmail, Nabble, etc.) about
  * Generate podling website content.

Other tasks have to be handled by a Mentor:

  * Ensure that all Mentors are on the IPMC.
  * Add to table: Currently in incubation.
  * Initialize Podling Status Page.
  * Move Lucy Subversion repository.
  * Authorize committers.
    o Add marvin and simonw.
    o Get new accounts set up for Peter and Nate (CLAs are on file).
Marvin Humphrey

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