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From Peter Karman <>
Subject Re: [Lucy] Re: quiet gcc warnings
Date Sat, 12 Dec 2009 04:01:45 GMT
Marvin Humphrey wrote on 12/11/09 9:19 PM:

> PS: Oh, and if you can muster the energy, please keep a brainlog as you try to
> figure this out.  It would be a valuable refactoring aid.

* I want to basically add this logic to the generated charmony.h file:

#ifdef _HAVE_STDINT_
#include <stdint.h>
typedef .. // add our basic int types here based on Probe/Integer.c

where do I make this change in Charmonizer so that the code is generated correctly?

* I have 2 file names to go on from the email thread (upon which I must rely 
because I can't remember anything anymore. early onset senility. Now, what was I 
doing? Oh yes.) Charmonizer/Probe/Integer.c and charmony.h

  % find . -name 'charmony.h'

one hit, in perl/charmony.h -- but that file clearly says it is generated by 
Charmonizer, so Charmonizer/Probe/Integer.c is my likely bet.

* open Integer.c and Integer.h to poke around. My first instinct is to add the 
#include <stdint.h> at the top to go with the other standard includes there, but 
since part of the task assumes that file is not always available, I'll need to 
avoid my first instinct.

* ah, here is some text I recognize from charmony.h in Integers_run(). This must 
be the generator. Write to lucy list to confirm before I dive in.

[… time passes …]

Marvin replies with perfectly clear advice on the functions to use. Exactly what 
I need. Also, started this brainlog.

* Knowing which functions to use makes this very easy. The hardest part becomes 
where in Integers_run() is most appropriate place to put the new code. I settle 
on a spot right below the comment about writing affirmations and typedefs, with 
the assumption that Some Day in the Future, the stdint defs will replace all the 
chy_* stuff.

* cd perl && make clean && make test

* /me drinks the Charmonizer kool-aid. I get it now. Very nice. It's sort of 
like the next evolution of autoconf, with the added love of letting you generate 
C via Clownfish.

Peter Karman  .  .

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