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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: Moving away from METAQUOTE
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 02:00:07 GMT
On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 04:44:22PM -0800, Nathan Kurz wrote:

> 1) Is there a good way to compile and run 'charmonize' as a standalone?  

Not right now.

> Running 'Build' from the 'perl' directory doesn't seem in
> line with avoiding a Perl dependency.

We probably need a Makefile.  There isn't one yet for these reasons:

  * Charmonizer was originally envisioned as an a la carte modular toolkit,
    and charmonize.c was more sample code than canonical code.
  * I have limited experience with make.
  * What I know of make, I hate.
  * There was only one build target, and it needed Perl anyway.

> 2) Is there a framework to run any tests for it?  

The tests get run out of trunk/perl/t/charmonizer/.  The object code for the
Charmonizer test modules is bundled up along with everything else (including
the object code for all the tests in trunk/core/Lucy/Test/) in the main Lucy
XS shared object, then invoked from individual test files via

> I see charm_test.c,

Hmm, that's been zapped in the KS repository, but not from the Lucy
repository.  It's not currently in use.

It would probably be best to run Charmonizer's tests independently and cease
bundling them in the shared object.

> but am not sure how to run it short of putting together a Makefile.

Yeah, that's probably what we'll have to do.

> 3) I've named the macro Chaz_Quote(expr) to fit in --- is there a
> reason things are prefixed with 'chaz' rather than the more obvious
> 'charm'?

To save a letter :) and to differentiate it from the "chy" prefix used within
the generated file charmony.h.

I'd be cool with changing it, but then we should also think about "chy".  

FWIW, I'd be a little reluctant to change "chy" to "charm".  Those characters
add up.

> 4) There are some 'Part A' and 'Part B' cases that that do things like
> end on "var = ".   Would you prefer that I hand quote these, or that I
> change to a '%s' interpolation or the like?

I think there are only three cases like that.  

I've got a patch I'm just about done with that's going to touch how those case
are handled -- sprintf() is replacing the string handling stuff from
Charmonizer/Util.c.  Let me go commit that patch, as I think it will make
things easier for you to go with the '%s' interpolation option.

> 5) Should discussion like this take place on the list, or through JIRA?

Here.  Extended, diffuse discussions don't work well in the bug tracker.

Long discussions tend to meander, but each JIRA issue has one single title
heading.  That makes it hard to keep track of what was discussed where.

JIRA should be reserved for discussion of specific patches.  The mailing list
is better for general topics -- and feel free to change the subject header
liberally to reflect where the discussion has gone.

Marvin Humphrey

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