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From Nathan Kurz <>
Subject Re: Class hierarchy
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 18:50:14 GMT
On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 11:27 AM, Marvin Humphrey
<> wrote:
> Huffman coding naming principles dictate that classes whose names are typed
> most often should have the shortest names.  Therefore, instead of locating
> common classes within sub-trees, we should locate them at the first level --
> directly underneath Lucy.

I'm only heckling from the sidelines lately, but this produced an
internal 'ug'.  The main goal should be clarity, with short and clear
to be preferred over verbose and clear.  Yes, the names should be
short, but this is to help us keep track of them in our mental models
rather than for our ease in typing.

> Schema, Doc, QueryParser, and probably Indexer will all descend from Lucy::Obj.

Might it be possible to rename Lucy::Obj to Lucy, so that everything
is Lucy:: is a Lucy object?    It's boring, but I really like
'Class::Subclass::SubSubClass' schemes.

> Searcher, however, will descend from the abstract base class Searchable, which
> definitely belongs under Lucy::Search.

For my non-OO mind, keeping track of the hierarchical relation of
'Search', 'Searcher', and 'Searchable' is difficult enough without
having them 'Huffman compressed'.   Wouldn't it be clearer to have
Lucy::Searcher be the base, with Lucy::Searcher::Subclass as the
subclass?    But if you really need greater abstraction, it would be
clearer to me to have it under a catchall category like Lucy::Abstract

> It also makes sense, if we see "Lucy" as a single
> entity, for Lucy::Searcher to subclass Lucy::Search::Searchable, whereas that
> would not really be appropriate if "Lucy::Search" was an atomic unit.

Is Stockholm syndrome causing you to side with your captors?  No, this
doesn't make sense!  Or rather, switch around the 3 variations of the
word 'Search' into any of the possible permutations and ask if each
time if it makes any less sense.  Moving from Huffman to Shannon, I'd
contend that Lucy::Search descending from Lucy::Searchable::Searcher
inherently makes just as much sense as Lucy::Searchable under
Lucy::Searcher::Search which makes just as much sense as your
original, and hence they all convey zero information!  Get rid of two
of these!

OK, I'll try to finish on a more constructive note:  Keep trying to
find a naming scheme that does not rely on small variations of the
same base word.  Be careful conflating object hierarchy with directory
structure.  Either name your abstract base classes very explicitly or
accept that their name will have to be repeated in all derived
classes.  If your class hierarchy a) cannot be explained to a
non-OO-programmer, b) will not fit on a napkin, or c) is not actually
a hierarchy, keep fighting for a better solution.  And if ever in
doubt, choose clear over short.


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