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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Re: real time updates
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2009 23:01:28 GMT
On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 06:22:42PM -0400, Michael McCandless wrote:
> You basically split the index segments into 2 sets; the first set, only
> consolidator can change; the 2nd set, only your  primary writer can change.


> Lucene also has a blip, but it's different because Lucene will still accept
> added/deleted documents; but, one cannot reopen a new realtime (LUCENE-1516)
> reader during the blip.

The consolidator process has to block while carrying forward deletes, because
otherwise new deletions may get dropped.  

If seg_2 is getting merged away and a new writer adds deletions against seg_2
that the consolidator never sees, then once the consolidator finishes, those
deletes will vanish without a trace and the "deleted" document will suddenly
reappear in the newly consolidated segment.

> Hang on: does your writer process hold onto the write lock the whole
> time it's open?  Or it only grabs it when it needs to commit a change?

The consolidator grabs consolidate.lock as soon as it launches.  While it's
working in the background (so to speak), write process continually grab
and release write.lock.  At the very end of the consolidation process, the
consolidator grabs write.lock so that it can carry forward recent deletions --
but hopefully that doesn't take very long.

Unfortuntely, we have an annoying IPC issue to deal with.  (Lucene wouldn't
have this problem.)  When it's time for the consolidator to grab write.lock,
it will try to obtain it once per second for X seconds, sleeping in between.
But if index mods are flying fast and furious, write processes may continually
cut in front and the consolidator may have difficulty obtaining the

We'd like to be able to signal the waiting consolidator process when a write
process finishes up so that it can try for write.lock right away, but AFAIK
there's no portable way to communicate that from one process to another.
Probably the only workaround is to add yet another lock file, e.g.
consolidator_is_waiting.lock, that blocks further write processes.  Yuck.  We
may also want to have the consolidator try more often than once per second.

Marvin Humphrey

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