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From Yousef Ourabi <>
Subject Re: is lucy dead?
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2007 05:36:42 GMT
Thanks for the info -- appreciate it

I'm still unclear on something, you speak of lucy like there is something there 

The only things in the svn repository are charmonizer/ perl/ and ruby/ directories.

perl/lib/lucy seems to have the same structure as /trunk/c_src, but again the directories
are empty.

perl/lib/ is empty, with some inline perldoc.

If I wanted to get started there doesn't seem to be any C at all?

Or am I missing something, and being dense? Or is it just that the C that was going to be
mered into lucy is still in both KS and Ferret, and nothing ever got merged into lucy.

I think lucy is a great idea, I have some pet projects it would be really useful for. Just
poking around to see what I can see.



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From: "Marvin Humphrey" <>
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2007 7:31:08 PM (GMT-0800) America/Los_Angeles
Subject: Re: is lucy dead?

On Oct 12, 2007, at 3:30 PM, Yousef Ourabi wrote:

> There is nothing to compile.
> /trunk/c_src is empty.
> Are there any status updates?

Lucy is dormant but not dead.  There are three committers: myself,  
Dave Balmain, and Doug Cutting.  Doug's role was to be advisory,  
while Dave and I were to do the heavy lifting.  Unfortunately, Dave  
has had a number of things come up which have significantly curtailed  
his ability to contribute to open source projects, including both  
Ferret and Lucy.  That leaves me.

I'm still active and working on a very closely related project,  
KinoSearch.  Basically everything that went into Lucy has been  
integrated into the KinoSearch code base, and subsequently  
improved... I just haven't fed anything back into the Lucy repository  
in a while.

The problem is that Lucy doesn't have users, so people don't try it  
out, find an itch that needs scratchin', and contribute.  KinoSearch,  
on the other hand, has received lots of nice contributions in the  
last year.  With Dave mostly unavailable, I've gone where the  
developers are.  Ultimately, some of the development work happening  
on KS is likely to find its way into Lucy, and like most people, I'm  
more productive in a social setting than working solo, so I'm more  
productive this way.  My plan is to finish the long-awaited  
KinoSearch 0.20 update, then reassess.  I'll either keep going with  
KinoSearch or Lucy, but not both.

For the last several months I was engaged in a full-time-plus  
contract job, but now I am considerably freer.  I'm presently able to  
dedicate lots of time to KS, and that will continue for several  
months at least.


Marvin Humphrey
Rectangular Research

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