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From Peter Karman <>
Subject Re: Inlining XS code
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 14:00:05 GMT

Marvin Humphrey scribbled on 3/26/07 9:37 PM:

> Peter... Dave and I have been collaborating fruitfully, but this isn't 
> an area of expertise for him.  If I start presenting these tools here 
> and explaining the rationales behind them, are you willing to read the 
> emails and offer critiques/suggestions, or at least nod your head OK?  
> ;)  I'm not looking for deep debugging, rather high-level design 
> discussion.

I'll try. Life (work) is about to get insane again for me, so I may be terse or 
tardy in response, but I do read this list pretty thoroughly.

Is there a lucy-commit list so I know when stuff is going in to svn?

Peter Karman  .  .

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