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From Marvin Humphrey <>
Subject Mailing list administrivia
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 03:02:43 GMT
I'm sending this from a backup address I keep (but
never check, so don't reply to it).  It's not
subscribed to this list, so it should generate a
moderation request which I'll try to handle.

It seems to be that I cannot moderate from my address, so in order to carry out
those duties I need to be able to send mail from my
new address.  To do so requires adding
another account in OS X mail, which is a PITA because
it doesn't allow duplicated nor bogus POP3 info;
however, I managed it by adding a new account for
myself on  Yay brute force.

When I subscribed to this list under my address, I started getting two
messages for each post.  It turns out ezmlm doesn't
have a no-mail mode; you have to unsub.  I didn't want
to unsub the address, as I don't know
effect that might have on my moderator status, but I
want to post from my address, as
that's my main account.  The answer was to send an
email to AT
lucene DOT apache DOT org [munged so the harvester
bots don't start spamming that address].  Doing so
added my address to the special
lucy-dev-allow list, which allows posting on lucy-dev,
but doesn't involve receiving any email.

Dave, I see from the subscriber list that you are now
subscribed twice to lucy-dev, so you're going to have
the same problem.  I suggest you try sending a message
to a lucy-dev-allow-subscribe variant to get set up
the same way, then do the same thing on lucy-user.

Helpful mailing list URLs:

-- Marvin

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