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From "Feist, Jeffrey" <>
Subject RE: Templating configuration files
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 21:26:22 GMT
I have started working on this and found something else that looked to
be beneficial. Instead of Apache and Tomcat only being allowed to have
one file, I updated them to have a Collection of Templates. This allows
any Application (currently only Apache and Tomcat) to have any number of
configuration files. This lets the user choose a template for their file along with the apache main file. This required 2
database tables be updated but I will be including a patch to update
existing tables.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Feist, Jeffrey 
>Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 9:38 AM
>To: ''
>Subject: RE: Templating configuration files
>Glad to hear there is a lot of interest in templating. Below are what I
believe the changes that need to be made for the first pass. I will get
started on these changes and attach them to the Jira ticket when they
are complete. Please let me know if you have any comments or
>Update "Manage Files" to say "Manage Templates"
>For files/templates:
>	Name: display name
>	Path: path to this file on the server (is this needed anymore?)
>	Descriptor: name of file (httpd.conf / httpsd.conf /
>*Put examples next to field names*
>Update Apache:
>	- Update "Apache Main" to say "Apache Template"
>	- Add template (with none as a choice)
>Update Tomcat:
>	- Add Server.xml Template drop down
>add "lokahi.template.engine=X" in
>Create a new class called something like ConfTemplateBuilder
>Workers will call: public String ConfTemplateBuilder.buildConf(Server
worker) {
>	- calls PropertiesFile.getConstantValue("templateEngine") ->
returns org.apache.lokahi....VelocityTemplateEngine
>	- calls VelocityTemplateEngine.buildConf(Server) {}
>The engine classes would be: 
>Public abstract class TemplateEngine() 
>VelocityTemplateEngine extends TemplateEngine( ) 
>String VelocityTemplateEngine.buildConf(Server worker) {}
>	- would have the mapping from $apacheServer  -> (ApacheWorker)
>	- if Server instanceof ApacheWorker {}
>	- else if Server instanceof TomcatWorker {}
>When other Engines would be added, they would need to extend class
TemplateEngine() and have a buildConf function that returns a string
representation of the config file.

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