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From Ludovic Maitre <>
Subject Re: SPML ?
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2008 10:42:57 GMT
Hi Severn,

Thanks to have taken the time to anwer, a écrit :
> I'm also not familiar with SPML, but it looks like it is more of a toolkit 
> to manage users (especially with the "setPassword" and related commands) 
> which makes it an ideal companion with SAML and not so useful as a generic 
> controller/agent situation.
According to the specifications and the websites, SPML manage not only 
user provisionning but also services (like webservers, databases, 
applications...) and accounts requests. I'm aware of at least one 
proprietary application (written in Perl, with spml file binding) which 
do provisionning of servers (apache, postgres...) in relation with an 
accounting application for ISP. My goal regarding Lokahi (or any other 
open source java application which fit the following description) is to 
be able to deploy new websites for my customers (websites constituted of 
Apache/Ofbiz/Tomcat (in cluster)/PostGreSQL, mail accounts and servers, 
user accounts, dns records,... ) and to manage their configurations via 
a simple web interface, ideally linked to the backoffice of my own website.
>  Personally, I think the current SOAP approach 
> fits Lokahi's needs better...
Well, SPML can use SOAP, at least the open source Java implementation at ( ). It is aimed at managing any 
spml requests (user,services, accounts targets with add, cancel, delete, 
modify,schema,search,status operations), support XML binding via SOAP 
calls, and the API is simple and very extensible (it seems). Also i have 
already developed my own schemas to describe the targets/servers and 
operations, i guess i can embed them in the spml requests.

I believe that perhaps it's a bit heavy to use SPML for the job of 
Lokahi ;-) however it would add a lot in term of extensibility, to 
manage other types of servers/services than tomcat and apache alones. 
But it's perhaps not the goal/scope of Lokahi...

Anyway thanks for your comment and have a good day,
Best regards,
> -Severn
> Ludovic Maitre <> 
> 01/31/2008 02:50 AM
> Please respond to
> To
> cc
> Subject
> SPML ?
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering if you have investigated using SPML ( 
> ) in the project ? For instance we 
> could use it to abstract the dialog between the controller and the 
> agents ? Or to provide a way to query and control the system from the 
> outside from other SPML enabled systems ? Perhaps this could provide a 
> way for the Lokahi controller to manage other systems with an agent 
> which speak SPML ? And to develop other agents? I'm not experienced 
> about this markup language but it seems to fit to the functional domain 
> we want to manage with Lokahi. I have a lot of questions which i hope to 
> answer in the forthcoming days by carefully reading the specs and xml 
> schemas, but i would like to know if you have any opinion about it,
> Best regards,
Ludo -
"L'amour pour principe et l'ordre pour base; le progres pour but" (A.Comte) 

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