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From Roman Bogorodskiy <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] Load Balancers support
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 17:12:02 GMT
  Aymeric Barantal wrote:

> * use of location object to create a load balancer
>   - Amazon elastic LB use availability zone like nodes at creation time.

Yes, I'm going to extend things to support locations for load balancers.

> * a concept, near the list_sizes Node component one, to choose a provider dependent way
to abstract the whole LB rule to configure:
>   - protocol (tcp / udp / http / ftp / ....) (level 4 or level 7 ones can cohabit
>   - persistence mode (sticky and which type : vip, http_cookie, ...)
>   - type of load balancing (round-robin, vip-src, etc)
>   - type of healthcheck to use (tcp / ping / http get / ...)
>   - others attributes provider specific or not
>     - network topology (NAT/DSR/half-nat)
>     - healtchecks properties (interval, timeout, ...)
>     - price (???)
> To create a LB, we must pick a location and a "rule" in the catalog (IP/port still needed),
driver will assemble all components involved (for example listener / healtcheck in amazon
> More capabilities of each providers should be accessible using such configuration catalog,
I hope.

That sounds interesting. Some of the things like type of load balancing
and type of health check could be exposed as load balancer object
attributes I guess as it seems to be quite common to provide such

> my 2 cents, and this time my mail should be complete :)

It is, thank you for interesting comments!

Roman Bogorodskiy

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