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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: [libcloud] Driver maintainers
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 23:34:32 GMT
Apache projects don't work that way, the idea of a "maintainer" doesn't
really fit.

What might work is a wiki page where people can sign themselves up as
knowledgeable about a particular driver.

Some drivers will have no-one, some one person, some many. That seems
more in keeping with an Apache approach. It allows the project to keep
on top of driver coverage - are there people who are able to fix a
driver? If not, can we find someone, or else drop the driver?


On Tue, 25 Jan 2011 01:11 +0100, "Tomaz Muraus" <>
> Today I have proposed an idea on IRC about having one maintainer for each
> driver.
> The driver's maintainer primary responsibility would be to keep up to
> date
> with the driver and API which he is maintaining and make a necessary
> changes
> if a new image or functionality gets added / existing one changes / API
> changes / etc.
> This does't mean that other people are not allowed to contribute to this
> drivers (outside contributions are encouraged and more then welcome), but
> it
> means that we have at least one person on which we can rely that will fix
> /
> update the driver in a timely manner if the API changes / whatever.
> Paul has expressed multi concerns about it:.
> -
> - "you end up with code no one touches for years because there is a
> maintainer label on it":
> <pquerna> you end up with code no one touches for years because there is
> a
> > maintainer label on it
> > <Kami_> I don't mean that other people shouldn't touch the code is someone
> > else is a maintainer
> > <Kami_> but the maintainer should be up-to date what's going on with the
> > apis he is maintaining and if something changes he will probably be the
> > first one to notice and fix it
> > <pquerna> yes, but having a maintainer line thats what 'seems' to happened
> > <pquerna> at least it did with modules inside httpd
> I agree that we shouldn't name this person an "author", but a
> "maintainer"
> sounds fine imo.
> Opinions?
> Thanks,
> Tomaz

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