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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: [libcloud] Re: Removal of the Java bindings
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 14:53:55 GMT
I have been thinking about this, and trying to address what my issue is.
Then I read the following on the wave-dev list:

"It might be worth looking at what Lucene does vis-a-vis language ports:
looks like the ports (to Python, .NET, C, etc.) are separate projects,
the main page provides convenient links to each of

I don't see any reason something similar couldn't happen with Wave...
the C# Server that was being discussed, for example... it could enter
Incubator as a project in it's own right, with the two projects
mutual links to each other, and with a "gentleman's agreement" between
developers to consult as necessary to deal with protocol compatibility,

Just a thought..."

I felt like this entirely captures what is going on with libcloud, and
if _this_ is the intention as to how libcloud operates, my issue in
regard to the Java impl goes away.

The java impl can stay as it is, as a simple incomplete port in a
sandbox. If it reaches a sufficient level, it can become a 'clone
subproject', or, be extracted out into its own project, whether under
incubation or as a TLP depending on community maturity.

The remaining issue expressed by Ant was regarding over-reliance on one
person, Paul.

I have mulled further on this, and have also come to the conclusion
that, for me, this is a non-issue.

I have viewed Paul as a driving force in the project. However, take him
away, and we still have active participation from others (maybe not
'lead' but participation, and ASF projects do not require a leader to

Also, reviewing some simple metrics show that he is not over-dominant:
<50% of commits[1] and a small proportion of Jira issues[2].

Therefore, were this vote presented to the incubator PMC, I would now
vote +1.



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