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From "Upayavira">
Subject RE: [libcloud] Removal of the Java bindings
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2010 00:36:56 GMT

On Thu, 09 Dec 2010 07:53 +1000, "Gav..." <>
> I'm just replying to this part:
> "... Outside of project participation, there is one other topic that I
> think
> need further discussion. This is the Java portion of libcloud which is
> clearly not ready for TLP status. I would move for this to be removed
> from
> the libcloud project for its own project..."
> I don't see anything in any documentation that states 'code' has to be
> ready
> for TLP status.
> This frankly is a load of crap, we are deciding whether the 'community'
> is
> ready to go TLP, the state of the code is not in question. Not all of the
> code has to be prime time polished and released perfect code to go to TLP
> status.
> Leave the code where it is, discuss the community. The Java Bindings have
> nothing to do with being TLP and will not affect any vote of such.
> (If you later decide to fork/remove it for whatever reason, fair enough,
> but
> don't mix it in with the current talks.)

No, but the community (or lack) around the java code is *very* relevant.
Matt put it very well, when he said he's not so concerned about the
outcome, but that the community shows its ability to work out some
resolution, whatever that might be.

[that is clearly assuming that there is a problem, which I suspect you
disagree with]

Personally, I see this discussion as very useful. Exactly the sort of
thing needed to show a community ready for graduation.


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