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From "Upayavira">
Subject Re: [libcloud] Project needs for TLP.
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2010 17:13:03 GMT
I think you (and Jed) are making interesting points.

It was difficult for Libcloud to accept the Java port, and difficult for
it not to.

I wonder how much interest there is in the Java code here. Is there
enough to fork into a separate incubator podling? That would leave
libcloud (python) to carry on with its own development at its own rate.

Philip, I think your assessments are reasonable, but some of the
approaches you suggest don't fit too well with an Apache style. We don't
tend to assign roles to individuals (even if they often tend to take
them). What I *would* encourage is folks other than Paul managing

Also, while IRC can be a useful tool, it can be difficult if you happen
to be in the wrong timezone. (I've had times when I've had to join
concalls at 1am because of US and Philippino participation. Not fun).

All it really takes is for other folks in the community to start firing
forwards their ideas for how the project can grow and develop. Everyone
in the community is free to take a lead, with or without a role!


On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 11:55 -0500, "Schwartz, Philip Marc (LNG-BCT)"
<> wrote:
> Ant had valid concerns for not having libcloud go TLP and I feel we need
> to discuss them along with a few other things that I feel are holding the
> project.
> Lets start with the project participation. Yes, Ant is right in the fact
> that 90% of all interaction is handled by Paul at the moment and I think
> this is something that should be discussed and a clear plan of action
> should be outlined. Most other OSS projects I work with you see things a
> set listing of project members and responsibilities along with a voting
> community of core developers working on the project for all actions and
> review of committed code/tagging.
> I think this should be our first course of action, vote in the community
> for yearly rotating positions for things like overall project management,
> code management, documentation management, etc. This would probably clear
> up most of Ant's concerns in its self. (also defining set roles for the
> project that follow the Apache way would be good, ex:
> The second part of this should be a set meeting schedule that could be
> done in irc where we can get as many of the community using and
> developers working on the project together to discuss the motion of the
> project and goals for each release, Monthly 30 min to 1 hour irc meetings
> might be more then enough for this.
> Outside of project participation, there is one other topic that I think
> need further discussion. This is the Java portion of libcloud which is
> clearly not ready for TLP status. I would move for this to be removed
> from the libcloud project for its own project.
> In the past Paul has stated that libcloud is a reference spec with an
> example implementation in Python. I think this is far from the case as
> all of the specification comes from the current Python code base. At this
> time it is more beneficial for libcloud to be a Python cloud library and
> not a reference specification. Yes, this makes things a little hairy for
> things based on what libcloud does, but that is why they are based on
> libcloud and not part of libcloud which I think has been missed in
> hindsight with the java code.
> I would now move that for future development and needs for graduation, we
> should discuss redefining libcloud as a python library only so we can
> more finely focus on a defined library api that can be adapted for other
> projects such as a java implementation to be based on.
> Thank You,
> Philip Schwartz
> Software Engineering
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