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From "Gav..." <>
Subject [libcloud] [RESULT][VOTE]- Libcloud to become a TLP.
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2010 09:39:25 GMT
Hi All,

This vote is now closed, results are in:

+1 from 10 community members and committers.

There were no +/- 0

-1 from one person who is a Mentor for Libcloud.

The is a majority vote and so passes.


This vote is intended to show the Incubator PMC members that
the Libcloud community feels they are ready to graduate.

The community mainly agree. Ant still has concerns and has
expressed those with his -1 vote.

We can still go ahead and ask the Incubator PMC to vote on the
matter of Libcloud graduating, they will take this vote into 
account and I have no doubt Ants concerns will also be raised
and talked about there too.

What I think I should do first is therefore have a pre-vote
discussion with the members of the Incubator PMC to see how
they feel and where we stand.

I'll do that Monday, in the meantime, any other points of view


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