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From Pietro Battiston>
Subject [libcloud] SSL certs checking
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 10:00:34 GMT

I' coping with bug
and it seems the only upstream reference to it is

Now, there is no doubt that it's indeed an annoying thing, and that many other
projects just fixed it (waiting for python devs doing it). But I'm not
in search of a flame: I just would like to fix it (as a Debian patch, if
you are not interested).

In a project of mine, the analogous fix took very few lines of code:

and I would be happy to try to do the same on libcloud, though I
perfectly know it will be slightly harder.

But the main point is: I never used this library, neither have an
account on any cloud provider, so I would totally appreciate if some dev
or at least user could cooperate with me. Feel free to answer in mailing
list of contact me privately.


Pietro Battiston

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