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From Jerry Chen <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] Problem with Rackspace and libcloud 0.4.0?
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2010 14:13:40 GMT
Hi Rudiger,

The problem, as it turns out, is just the main loop.

On Oct 8, 2010, at 8:27 AM, Rudiger Wolf wrote:

> # retrieve available images and sizes
> images = conn.list_images()
> # [<NodeImage: id=3, name=Gentoo 2008.0, driver=Rackspace  ...>, ...]
> sizes = conn.list_sizes()
> # [<NodeSize: id=1, name=256 server, ram=256 ... driver=Rackspace ...>, ...]
> match = None
> for item in images:
>    if'Ubuntu 10.04 LTS') != -1:
>        match = True

Here your match boolean is set to true if you see a Lucid Lynx image.

>    if match:

The above conditional will match for every iteration from Lucid Lynx onward.

When you get to this

>       node = conn.deploy_node(name='tttt-xxxxx', image=item, size=sizes[0], deploy=msd)

by the second time, you will try to deploy a node with the same name, and Rackspace will come
back with that error.

The quick fixes are:
- add a break right after 'print node', or
- get rid of the match variable altogether and nest it in the "if'Ubuntu 10.05
LTS') != -1

A more elegant way may be filtering the nodes (via list comprehension), and using friendly
string semantics as follows:

   # retrieve available images and sizes
   images = conn.list_images()
   sizes = conn.list_sizes()
   lynx = [image for image in images if 'Ubuntu 10.04 LTS' in]
   assert len(lynx) == 1, "There are more than one Lucid Lynx images!"

   # [set up msd deployment stuff here]

   node = conn.deploy_node(name="tttt-xxxxx", image=lynx[0], size=sizes[0], deploy=msd)

Here, ('needle' in haystack) is functionally equivalent to (haystack.find('needle') != -1),
and secondly, the list comprehension is a great alternative to:

    images_ = []
    for image in images_:
        if 'Ubuntu 10.04 LTS' in
    images = images_

> I don't know enough about the plumbing of the software but maybe I am doing something
wrong... maybe the new libcloud library is a bug. The same script above worked for me previously.

This bug may not have appeared earlier if:
- Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was the last item in the images list
- Rackspace allowed duplicate node names (unlikely)
- Heisenbug(??)

Hope that helps. Thanks for testing 0.4.0!

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