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From Jerry Chen <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] Java Skeleton Available
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 20:38:30 GMT

Let's all agree to disagree and put a moratorium on the mention of IBM, jclouds, and Cloudkick
in this thread.

Please, take it to your inboxes or offline so we don't say anything we will regret.

That being said -- and getting back on topic -- I suggest that libcloud-java (libcloud-c,
libcloud-erlang, libcloud-qbasic or whatever!) is hosted in a separate repository (GitHub,

Or, fork it to a completely different name.

In any case, it can grow organically with us (us as in the Libcloud community), and we can
all get back to writing code!


On May 20, 2010, at 3:33 PM, Paul Querna wrote:

> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 1:26 PM, Adrian Cole <> wrote:
>> Paul,
>> Since this is about java more than python, which is what libcloud is to
>> date, I'm speaking up.
>> The only party concerned outwardly with turning libcloud into java is IBM,
>> which is why I raise to the surface this context.  There is a lot of
>> backdoor discussions I have heard about that I could mention, so let's not
>> go there.
> No, lets go there.
> There has not been any backdoor collusion between Cloudkick and IBM.
> I am very very tired of your continued allusions to this.
> All that has ever happened, is some people from IBM asked Alex Polvi
> if a libcloud port to java was possible -- Alex did the right thing
> and said its possible, be active in the community, talk about it, and
> submit patches.   There is no secret Cloudkick + IBM Cabal trying to
> take over the Java world with our impressive Apache libcloud project.
> There is no secret room at Cloudkick or IBM where we wrote all the
> code, or where we decided to do anything. Nothing.
>> If you guys want to allow IBM to skip the incubator process, and hand them
>> the keys.. just do it.  At least that would be transparent.
> This has absolutely nothing to do with Incubation.  Its about
> developing a project and in a potentially new direction, no one is
> getting 'free' commit rights to anything.  Projects do change
> direction, they expand, they do more than their original authors ever
> thought, there is nothing wrong with this in the incubator, nor in a
> graduated Apache TLP.
> -Paul

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