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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] Alternative Languages for Libcloud
Date Fri, 21 May 2010 08:23:56 GMT
> Porting to JAVA is something I like but we will have in the ASF
> (Deltacloud in Ruby, libcloudP in Python and libcloudJ in Java)
> Do we really need 3 languages to solve the same problem?

You're asking that on an open source mailing list!? :)

In a business environment of course writing the code in 3 different
languages or creating bindings in n languages would probably be futile
- but open source is about scratching itches.  I personally would love
to write a binding in something more esoteric than Java for a couple
of reasons:
- I already know enough Java to be able to throw something together
very quickly that would sort of do what libcloud currently does
- I'm bored with Java, I've moved on, other people who have an
interest in Java as a language can happily hack on the Java version
for all I care
- Open source is an invaluable tool for learning different ways of
approaching the same problem, using a different programming language
is valid in an open source context
- There's no rule in apache that says that there is only one accepted
language (be it perl, C, Java or anything else).

Traditionally Apache projects have come mainly from Java-land (the
original httpd/apr and spamassassin being the odd couple), but more
recently there is more variety appearing - buildr (ruby), couchdb
(erlang) and now libcloud (python) - Apache as a group (speaking with
my member hat on but from a personal not 'official apache' way) I
believe needs to increase the breadth and variety of languages that
are used in the projects that fall under it's umbrella - a few .net
projects wouldn't go amiss - (to help those poor souls stuck in
Microsoft land), increasing the variety of languages increases the
appeal of Apache as an organisation beyond the narrow confines of the
open source java world.

I think a library to access/list/provision cloud services on multiple
hosts should be available in as many flavours as possible.

But that's just my thoughts on this.

TLDR: why not?


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