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From Simon Smith <>
Subject [libcloud] rackspace node password
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2010 13:23:27 GMT
Hi!  Exciting project - thanks for your work so far...

I was wondering if it was possible (and if so, how) to set the
password for a new Rackspace instance.  I tried the code below, which
successfully creates a new node ( -- this is a huge win already! -- )
but it didn't create the password I wanted.  I know I could just
snapshot a node and therefore know its password by using that image...
but I would rather use one of the Rackspace-provided image types.


Simon Smith

from libcloud.types import Provider
from libcloud.providers import get_driver
RACKSPACE_USER = 'mysecret'
RACKSPACE_KEY = 'notreallymykey823235abe0asdasdf32'
Driver = get_driver(Provider.RACKSPACE)
images = conn.list_images()
sizes = conn.list_sizes()
from libcloud.base import NodeAuthPassword
node = conn.create_node(name='mynewhost',

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