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From Eric Woods <>
Subject [libcloud] PATCH: IBM Developer Cloud complete
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 18:58:28 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have uploaded a patch of the IBM Developer Cloud adapter with
full-functionality and tests to JIRA:

While writing the adapter, I identified two possible bugs.  What is the
procedure for reporting bugs - JIRA?
1) Problem: libcloud/libcloud/drivers/ > line 404 sets the
Content-Length header before the message body has been encoded and added to
the request
    Suggested solution: move line 404 to 409, after "if data != '': ..."
2) Problem: libcloud/test/ > Line 178 has the name
"test_list_images_response," creating a duplicate method and excluding
location testing
    Suggested solution: change the name to "test_list_locations_response"

Moving forward, what is the process for committing the adapter to the
repository, and how long does it take?  Once approved, how do we add IBM to
the table of currently supported cloud offerings:

Feedback/questions/concerns is welcome and appreciated!

Eric Woods

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