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From Richard Kreuter <>
Subject [libcloud] Multiple security groups for EC2?
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 15:48:20 GMT

I'm getting started with libcloud, and have run into a minor limitation.
We normally run EC2 instances with several security groups (mostly as an
ersatz tagging mechanism, not really for security).

It seems libcloud's interface has no support for multiple security
groups yet.  So I guess I have two questions:

(1) does anybody happen to know if the EC2 query API supports specifying
multiple security groups to RunInstances?  I don't find what I'm looking
for in the documentation [*].  (I could imagine that this feature might
only be exposed via the SOAP interface.)

(2) If (1), does anybody have strong feelings about what the libcloud
interface to asking for multiple security groups ought to look like?

Richard Kreuter


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