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From "Rusnov, Nick" <>
Subject [libcloud] CloudHub and CloudManager Initial Release exclamation point
Date Mon, 22 Feb 2010 19:03:47 GMT
Hi all,

Chapter Three and I have been working on some integration software for
libcloud, and we're happy to be putting it
out there under the Apache license for contrib to libcloud as a
examples / useful little tools for using libcloud.

Basically we've written a small server in python which listens on a
socket and allows API access. It speaks a very
simple telnet friendly protocol. There's also a command-line tool
which was written initially to test the waters and
plan the implementation of the socket server. They both use a
configuration backend which manages interacting
with multiple driver-credential pairs (connections).

It's still alpha stage, but works fairly well. We have a list of TODO
items which I believe we'll be implementing also
as we move forward with using it.

Now the only question that remains is where shall we put this code for
contrib or release?

Nick Rusnov
To Create Together

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