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From Ian Kallen <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] 0.3.x goals
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 03:53:16 GMT
On 2/10/10 6:18 PM, Paul Querna wrote:
> I believe doing this kind of API would best embody what has made
> libcloud successful, instead of reinventing everything, try to
> normalize what is already out there.  What do you think?

I concur, a provider interface abstraction over configuration management 
is desirable. Ideally, I think the interface would look something like:

def provision_node(node, role):
   ### upcast the bare metal to a defined state
   ### configuration mgt is transparently setup on the node
   ### recipes appropriate to the role are applied

This may be asking libcloud to do too much; not sure if its safe to 
assume that providers have a role concept. The abstraction boundaries 
would need to be driven by the lowest common denominators of their 
models. Under the hood, perhaps the simplest thing possible looks like this:

def provision_cfg_mgt(node, provisioning_script, destination):
   ### assume ssh keys are configured correctly
   # scp provisioning_script node:/path/destination
   # ssh node 'chmod 755 /path/destination; /path/destination > 

Doink. Where provisioning_script is a stub that drives the full setup of 
chef or puppet to put the node into the proper state (or if that's too 
high tech, some homebrewed mess of a shell script, choose your pain 
wisely though).


Ian Kallen
vox: 925.385.8426

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