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From Paul Querna <>
Subject [libcloud] 0.3.x goals
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 00:50:55 GMT
- Full test case coverage
  - several providers are completely missing test case coverage
  - in general we need to improve the test case mxiin to do more things
  - I would like to see a way to also better create tests than hit the
live services, in addition to our Mock HTTP framework.

- Improve Documentation:
 - API docs are auto generated at
<> but we need more
docstrings and inline examples
 - Write blog posts about how you are using libcloud.
 - Website could use some work and updating

- Improve Provider Support:
  - Voxel still needs some work on create_node and general improvements.
  - SoftLayer driver needs to be written
  - Eucalyptus needs testing
  - Always more Providers to be added! Pick one!

- Improve use of NodeLocation:
 - Convince Providers to include data center locations in their APIs,
both in general, and in things like list_nodes()
 - Write EC2 "Omni" Driver, which would wrap all 3 EC2 regions behind
one EC2 driver.

- Improve use of NodeSize
  - We have several drivers with variable NodeSize abilities, we need
a better way to express this consistently and through an easier

- Improve NodeImage
 - ec2: list_images on services like Amazon isn't very useful right now.
 - ec2: support booting from EBS

- Investigate Storage APIs
 - I'd like to do a prototype of a wrapper around s3 + rackspace +
whomever else we can find.

I think most and/or all of these things can be done without breaking
the existing APIs, and that should be our preference whenever

I'll try to create Jira tickets for most of these later tonight -- if
any of these or other ideas interest you, feel free to start picking
them off :-)

Other ideas?



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