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From Solomon Hykes <>
Subject Re: [libcloud] Image formats & configuration management
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:11:18 GMT
Hi Andy,

(list, I'm assuming this is not off-topic given the mention of image
management in the libcloud roadmap. Please let me know if I am

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 12:25 AM, andy <> wrote:

> A belated thanks for sending notice of Clapp.

The whole point is to start a conversation about image management, so
thanks for answering.

> I hate defining things oppositionally, so please cut me off if I'm making a
> totally lame comparison, but I thought of OVF when I read your description.
> If the difference between OVF + CLAPP that you take the burden off of the
> vm-manager? (In addition to supporting more formats AND providers.)

OVF describes virtual hardware. CLAPP describes a bootable filesystem
and how to transform it into the virtual hardware of your choice.

When it comes to cross-cloud compatibility, OVF is irrelevant because
it focuses on hardware. I would have to generate OVF images from a
portable source, just like I generate AMIs and VMWare images today.
There are lots of VM generators out there, but they're tied to a
specific domain: Ubuntu has their vmbuilder [1], Conary has rPath [2],
etc. So if you're maintaining an heterogeneous environment, things get
pretty hairy.

What I really want is an intermediary format for generating VMs: a
"bytecode for virtual machines", so to speak. Something portable
without imposing high-level semantics on me. That's what I'm exploring
with Clapp.



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