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From Solomon Hykes <>
Subject [libcloud] Image formats & configuration management
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 16:16:23 GMT
Hi libclouders,

Following up on Alex's message:

> Subjects discussed (please fill in the gaps if I missed something):
> [...]
> - Needs around image formats and configuration management. Right now
>  Rackspace and EC2 are really the only platforms you can get your files
>  on to to bootstrap the process.

I would like to offer my assistance on this. I started writing a tool
called Clapp [1], which stands for "cloud appliance". It defines a
format for server images which you can actually manage. The idea is to
maintain a single "template" image which is small and version
controlled, then generate images in any format, for any cloud, as you
need them. I've seen this approach implemented on production systems
and it works wonderfully.

In my experience we typically rely too much on runtime configuration
tools like Puppet and Chef, just because the image management
experience is so awful. Hopefully we can change that!

I would love to discuss, and contribute to, anything related to image
management in libcloud. Keep up the good work!

[1] You can check out a POC at

Solomon Hykes

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