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From msacks <>
Subject Tomcat bits for Kitty
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 16:37:37 GMT
Hi All,
I recently presented on kitty at the Los Angeles Java User Group, and
I received some useful feedback from the group there that I wanted to
share for discussion here. Kitty has a roadmap item for performing
Tomcat-specific tasks such as working with objects in the Catalina
MBeanServer. We want to make Kitty specific to managing Tomcat servers
for the purposes of making it more production-ready, but the following
viewpoint was expressed from LAJUG:

1) That it is extremely useful to have a command-line JMX Client
2) That the Tomcat-specific bits should be designed as a plugin, so
that if they would like to use Kitty for administering something else,
they aren't limited to Tomcat only

I wanted to present this to the group, because it is essentially a
change of focus for Kitty if we were to take such an approach. Kitty
currently has a roadmap item to become more Tomcat-specific, although
it is a completely generic JMX client at this point and will work with
any JMX implementation. Then we would be making the Tomcat-specific
administration bits a pluggable module rather than built into the
utility, such that if someone wanted to adopt Kitty for managing
Cassandra, Geronimo, or any other JMX-aware application they would
have the freedom to write a module and do so.

I personally think this should be fine, although I would still prefer
to focus on writing Tomcat-specific plugins first, and anyone else can
write other plugins for other apps if they so choose. I wanted to get
the feedback for level of effort on making the Tomcat methods
pluggable. It also raises questions on how do you load specific
plugins, do we change the focus of the project, etc.

Matthew Sacks

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