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From Andrew Johnson <>
Subject ImagePointer
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2009 09:09:36 GMT
I'm reiterating a  concern about ImagePointer with mixed 32-bit and 64-bit 
processes in an address space.

Kato has the concept of multiple processes per address space, and this 
actually occurs with z/OS and _BPX_SHAREAS=YES

The ImageProcess has a getPointerSize method, but how would 
ImagePointer.getPointerAt work in the situation of a 32-bit process and a 
64-bit process in the same address space? One implementation couldn't work 
for both.

One idea is to have an extra ImagePointer.getPointerAt(long offset, int 
pointerSize) method. This could work, though a default pointer size may 
need to be given for an address space. If the processes had different 
endianness then there would be further problems with getLongAt etc.

Perhaps it is better if ImagePointers are internally typed, or exist as 
different subclasses. An appropriate ImagePointer is then returned from 
Kato for reading data. Normally getPointerAt, getLongAt work as expected. 
With mixed word size or endianness in an address space the appropriate 
ImagePointer is returned which knows about the process mode. This could 
even extend to ImageStackFrame.getBasePointer returning different 
ImagePointers for mixed 32-bit and 64-bit frames in the same process. This 
means that users of Kato should be encouraged to use ImagePointer.add() to 
build new ImagePointers while retaining the type information. 
ImageAddressSpace.getPointer would only return default ImagePointers for 
the address space.

This might be useful for shared virtual address space operating systems. 
These could be modelled in Kato as one address space, but the pointers 
obtained from a process would know about access restrictions for that 
process so that the appropriate MemoryAccessException could be thrown when 

On a more general note, in September I reviewed the Final version of First 
Early Draft Review document and marked up a paper copy with my extensive 
comments. I gave this copy to Steve Poole. I hope that soon everyone will 
be able to see my comments.

Andrew Johnson
(personal view)

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