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From Stuart Monteith <>
Subject Re: General Update - initial release
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2009 10:51:54 GMT
Hi All,
    I was wondering what people thought needed to be done for the Early 
Draft Review of the JSR.

The issues I'd particularly like some comment on are:

    o Do you believe we have satisfactory infrastructure for peoples 
comments to be made easily. I refer to, of course, here:
    o What degree of satisfaction is there with the API? Just now we 
have no objective measure of how far off the API is from where everyone 
wants it to be.
    o If people are unsure as to how well the API meets their 
requirements, what can be done to assist it's evaluation?

I look forward to your comments,


Stuart Monteith wrote:
> Hi,
>   I've been looking at what we'd need to do for an initial release. 
> There is an extensive document that provides guidance for incubator
> releases here:
> I think we should discuss why we'd want to do a release in the first 
> place. The reasons I can think of are:
>    o     The Apache Kato incubator and JSR-326 exist together, having 
> a release would provide encouragement for people to download
>           and actually use our materials and perhaps comment on the 
> JSR early draft review. However, it isn't necessary for there to be an 
> official release
>            before there is an Early Draft Review of the JSR.
>    o      In order to graduate as a project we need to have a 
> community. Having a release would be good to encourage others to 
> download and
>            use Kato, and hopefully be not-quite satisfied so as to 
> contribute to the project. Being able to take patches from someone and 
> eventually
>            making them a commiter would be great.
>              o     Considering a release will cause necessitate us 
> evaluating the current state of the project and establish what is 
> required to move the project
>            towards a proper release.
> Some of the things we need to consider are:
> o Build process - there are certain things we need to produce in a build.
> o Documentation - we need some of that.
> o Legal - are we clean enough to do a release? Do we know where 
> everything came from?
> o Functionality - do we have enough functionality to be useful?
> o Quality - do we have sufficient testing? Is the quality sufficient 
> for a release?
> o Of course, there is the Apache infrastructure to wrangle.
> And all of this would be subject to sufficient numbers voting 
> positively, of course.
> As I see it we are:
> o Build process - this is a work in progress - Steve is furiously 
> trying to get maven to meet all our needs.
> o Documentation - No question - we need more of this for everything.
> o Legal - I don't think we've considered this yet, I don't have a 
> clear view on this yet.
> o Functionality -
>    * The hprof implementation of the API is mostly there, but it needs 
> completion.
>    * The JVMTI python implementation is not considered the final 
> approach - it needs to be rewritten in C.
>    * KatoView - is fine, would be good if it was more modular. The 
> xpath command is a work in progress too.
>    * JDI Connector - needs more work to be useful with local variables.
> o Quality -
>    * The hprof implementation needs more tests, no question. Plus it's 
> performance is somewhat lacking still.
>    * The rest I'm not so sure about.
> I'd like to see us in a releasable state. We aren't ready yet though - 
> I'd like to hear what other people think.
> Thanks,
>    Stuart
> Steve Poole wrote:
>> Hi all,  sorry for going quiet!
>>  Stuart and I have been working very hard on getting the kato codebase -
>> thats API, implementations and demos - in  a satisfactory state for
>> JavaOne.
>> We've got a lot of stuff done and thanks to Sonals demo of how to use 
>> Maven
>> its now building on Apache hudson from an experimental branch.  See here
>> for
>> latest state.   Stuart and I will start to post what there is and how 
>> to use
>> this stuff over the coming days.
>> The aim of all this work has been  to get the project in a state where
>> everyone involved could see the API in action and  check out and 
>> build the
>> code if they wanted. We have all of the code building on Hudson 
>> except the
>> jvmti experimental agent.   There will be more changes to come as we 
>> tweek
>> the demos etc for JavaOne but in theory its possible to check out and 
>> build
>> everything now.    We'll post howtos on that shortly too.
>> We are some way off being ready for an initial release of the code 
>> but now I
>> feel that it is actually visible on the horizon.
>> I'm off to JavaOne where I hope to meet a few of you and connect with 
>> other
>> vendors and just find out how much of what we've been talking about 
>> matches
>> what the general public actually want.
>> If you've sent me emails or made a post I've missed please ping me 
>> again as
>> its been a very hectic couple of weeks and my inbox is somewhat 
>> overflowing!
>> Cheers
>> Steve

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