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From Nicholas Sterling <Nicholas.Sterl...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Design guidelines
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 07:22:51 GMT
By the way, it might be tempting to have the API throw a 
NullPointerException if the client asks for an object which should exist 
but does not, i.e. the pointer is corrupted to null in the dump 
artifact.  I don't think we should do that, though -- it will be 
confusing.  We should have a specific exception in the API that gets 
thrown in such cases.  There are probably similar examples, but I can't 
think of any offhand -- my point is that because we have one VM looking 
at another, we may run into cases where we want to inform the client of 
exceptional conditions in the other VM, and for that purpose we should 
be careful not to make use of exceptions that correspond to conditions 
in *this* VM.


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