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From Nicholas Sterling <Nicholas.Sterl...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: J2EE user stories
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2009 21:06:59 GMT
Good point.  Even apart from J2EE being able to filter by package would 
be very handy.

Of course if they ask a question like "What's keeping these objects in 
memory?" they may have to loosen up their filters a bit...


Adam Pilkington wrote:
> I was thinking about the user stories that we currently have and realise
> that we don't have anything to cover the J2EE arena. I'm not sure how much a
> typical J2EE developer actually makes use of a dump, given that they are
> running within a container there is the possibility that they just refer the
> problem to their particular vendor. However, assuming that a J2EE developer
> is going to make use of a postmortem artifact, then I'm not sure that I have
> any more new user stories than those already posted to the list, but what I
> do think is that there are some refinements to be made. Primarily the
> additional issue I see is being able to present the developer with
> information that they are interested in, rather than it being swamped by the
> much larger amount of container data. This means that I would like to add
> the following extension to the existing user stories (I'm not sure if
> extensions are even possible but I don't really want to duplicate the
> previous stores)
> * As a J2EE developer I only want to see my application artifacts and not
> those of the hosting container.

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