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From Stuart Monteith <>
Subject June 2011 incubator report
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 09:37:12 GMT
	It is that time for our quarterly status report. In the past quarter 
Steve posted that there had been discussions with Oracle regarding 
JSR-326 and this project, but so far nothing conclusive has occurred. 
There was an indication that Oracle was going to say something, but 
nothing came of that within this reporting period.

Steve - can you update us with the current situation with Oracle - have 
you gotten any conclusions from them? And your views on the continuation 
of this project?

I've not written a status report yet, but I'll do so in time for next 


P.S. The previous report said:


Kato was accepted into the Incubator on 6 November 2008.

Kato is a project to develop the Specification, Reference 
Implementation, and TCK for JSR 326: the JVM Post-mortem Diagnostics API.

Recent Activity:

* While Oracle has expressed a continued interest in the JSR-326, there 
has been no change in the podling's status since the last report in June.
* As in June, the project is effectively paused until Oracle's 
involvement in the Kato podling has been clarified. The credibility of 
the standard relies on there being more than one major Java VM vendor 

The following is planned for next reporting period:

* To be determined once Oracle's involvement has been established.

Before this project can graduate we need to encourage more participation 
in the project and grow the community.

Signed off by mentor:

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