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From Stuart Monteith <>
Subject Re: Status and a question
Date Thu, 19 May 2011 12:47:06 GMT
Hello Steve,
	Thanks for the update, that's helpful. I prefer option 3. I believe it 
is better to develop good technology then to standardize it, rather than 
the other way around.

If we are unenmcumbered by the JSR, then so much the better. Apache Kato 
was always going to have to be more than just the core specification for 
the APIs, the need for the applications to use the APIs is not affected 
by the presence or otherwise of the JSR. Arguably, the JSR might be 
better if more effort is spent on its applications.

	Stuart Monteith

On 16/05/11 10:40, Steve Poole wrote:
> Looks like we are finally onto the last mile - one way or other I should
> have Oracle's final decision in my hands within the next 8 weeks.  That's a
> long time I know but we've waited a year so far.
> Here's my question to anyone still listening: If Oracle say they will not
> pariticipate at all, or not in the next 12 months what should we do?
> For your deliberations you should be aware that I'm working in the OpenJDK
> space now.  Some of our technical limitations (where we needed Oracle to do
> something for us in the JVM) may be solvable simply by doing the work
> ourselves (outside Apache)  and submitting to OpenJDK.
> Options include :
> 1 - Retiring this podling full stop.
> 2 - Move the work to OpenJDK and possibly attempt to get JSR 326 into JDK8.
> 3 - Defering or dropping the "JSR" part of this project work and just
> focusing on producing a high quality codebase that solves peoples problems.
> Tell me what you think.

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