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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject Re: Podling reports - mentor signoff
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 19:04:51 GMT
On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 6:23 PM, Stuart Monteith <> wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>   First of all, thanks for signing off the status report.
> I have had some misgivings about how we've been operating. A lot of commits
> have been done by Steve and myself with no explanation, if any. The past ten
> weeks, for example, has had a student here (Paul Sobek) in IBM contributing
> code for a JVMTI agent for an alternate JVMTI agent. We're quite excited
> about
> this as along with the JDI connector it allows local variables to be
> inspected.
> Once the codebase is there, and demonstrably useful, I imagine we'd have to
> change
> our operating style.
> Like I mentioned in my previous note, I'd like for code to be made available
> for
> people to try what we have and perhaps see it's potential, even though it's
> a bit rough.

attracting developers is really important for the apache model. when
we talk about community building, it's really about growing a network
of active contributors and collaborators rather than passive users.
users are important but waiting till the solution is mature tends to
encourage passive users who just make work for the project rather than
active contributors who want to get involved.

i agree that it's wise to wait until the project's more mature before
pushing hard for users but it's important to start building a
community before then. community building is an art and it takes a lot
longer for a project to become successful at it than most people
expect.  too many passive users and too few active contributors tend
to have a negative impact on a project. so, i recommend starting to
think about it now and working on getting the small things right now.

(BTW i recommend browsing stefano's blog for anyone
who's interested in community building)

> While I have a blog I'll need to put more effort into getting that going
> :-). I've added
> it to Planet Apache.

it's 404 for me ATM so you might need to double check the setting

even just a few sentences once week would help to build a presence and
develop a style

> I was thinking of posting to the Java Posse google group, as it would expose
> this
> project to those who are interested in Java and JVMs.

sounds like a good plan

i do recommend starting incrementally to give a chance to build a
presence and develop a style for the project before pushing for a high
profile target. just some short occasional posts for the list helping
people to understand why it's interesting and exciting would be a good
start and a chance for some feedback before hitting the posse.

> Apologies for using the word policy :-). I'll eventually get used to the
> various
> terminology regarding how Apache operates

no need to apologise - that's why we have mentors :-)

- robert

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