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From Stuart Monteith <>
Subject Re: Podling reports - mentor signoff
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 17:23:27 GMT
Hi Robert,
    First of all, thanks for signing off the status report.

I have had some misgivings about how we've been operating. A lot of commits
have been done by Steve and myself with no explanation, if any. The past ten
weeks, for example, has had a student here (Paul Sobek) in IBM contributing
code for a JVMTI agent for an alternate JVMTI agent. We're quite excited 
this as along with the JDI connector it allows local variables to be 
Once the codebase is there, and demonstrably useful, I imagine we'd have 
to change
our operating style.

Like I mentioned in my previous note, I'd like for code to be made 
available for
people to try what we have and perhaps see it's potential, even though 
it's a bit rough.

While I have a blog I'll need to put more effort into getting that going 
:-). I've added
it to Planet Apache.

I was thinking of posting to the Java Posse google group, as it would 
expose this
project to those who are interested in Java and JVMs.

Apologies for using the word policy :-). I'll eventually get used to the 
terminology regarding how Apache operates


Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 10:28 AM, Stuart Monteith<> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   A change was made this morning to the September 2009 incubator status
>> report. The phrase "Signed off by:" has been added to each projects entry
>> with the expectation that these will be completed by the project mentor.
>> Mentors, could you review the reports for accuracy please?
> looks fine
> i think kato's going fine so far but it's now reaching the time when
> the project needs to start working on starting to reach out to a wider
> community. this isn't something which is going to happen overnight:
> community building's hard and takes a long time. a lot of people find
> this bit fun in the end even if it's sometimes a little dispiriting at
> first.
> a good place to start is by doing a little more talking, both on list
> and on blogs (join the
> atmosphere on list is good but the buzz isn't there ATM. this isn't
> going to change over night but even if it seems as though no one is
> paying attention at the start, continue to posting to the world and
> some of the people who read will start replying and contributing ideas
> and code.
> opinions?
> ;-)
>> I overlooked this from last month's archive:
>> which stated the policy.
> just FYI it's not POLICY but a new convention ;-)
> POLICY requires a VOTE  on an update to normative documentation.
> generally, apache tries to run with as little POLICY as possible but
> with lots of convention. this usually takes a while to get used to and
> can be quite frustrating (especially with releases).
> - robert

Stuart Monteith

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