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From Mark Hindess <>
Subject Re: First Release, tutorial
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:21:29 GMT

In message <>, Stuart Monteith writes:
> Thanks for your encouraging reply Robert.
> I've scattered by replies through yours below.
> Thanks again,
>     Stuart
> Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:
> > (this email is just personal opinions with my mentor hat removed)
> >
> > On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 12:06 PM, Steve Poole <>
> > wrote:
> > >  
> > > I'd vote for not doing it Stuart, your on the hook as you're down
> > > as the tutor.  Perhaps we can go for the next ApacheCon?
> > >     
> >
> > perhaps but i'd recommend thinking hard before turning this one
> > down...
> >
> > ApacheCon is a great experience, and offers a great chance to learn
> > and network. this one is the 10th birthday bash and is going to be
> > very special indeed. if the tutorial offers a way to attend that you
> > wouldn't otherwise have then you may well later regret turning the
> > offer down.
> My concern is that what we have is immature and has never been used in
> anger. While what we are doing may be interesting, it isn't something
> to be used in production. Therefore I don't believe that it would be
> fair to the paying attendees to do the tutorial just yet.

If was on the hook for it, I think I'd also share your concerns.
However, I agree with Robert about thinking hard before turning this one

Since I'm only a cubicle away perhaps you could give me[0] a tutorial.
I'd certainly be very interested anyway and I'll tell you if I'd have
been happy paying for it or not.  This might help ascertain if you have
a chance get something ready for ApacheCon or not.


[0] Some of the other members of the Harmony team would probably be interested

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